UCIC Talkshow : Working Abroad International Internship and Job Access

Ms.Pauilne as alumnae of IMT UC 2006 when explaining the tips and tricks to get a career abroad

Ms. Pauline as alumnae of IMT UC 2006 when explaining the tips and tricks to get a career abroad

Ciputra University always provides huge opportunities for students to get their best experience and get the career that they need. At that time, NNP held a talk show about the ways to get access to internships and get international jobs. So, it began with the opening of MC, Felicia, and Natasha Valerie from the UCIC Community. Then, for the opening, Mrs. Suryani, as head of NNP, gave her welcome to all participants, as well as a greeting and support to all of the students, encouraging them to always be full of spirit to learn and get more experience in internships and maybe work at an international scope.

After the MC’s opening, the next in the agenda is Mrs. Suryani Halim’s greetings followed by Ms. Gracia Ongkowijoyo’s greeting. “Hello students, here we want to show you all that everyone has an opportunity to study, intern, and work at the international office, so this event is the best choice for you all to get new insights,” said Ms. Gracia. Not only that, but she also gives an introduction about things that have a correlation with the theme called “EFMD Higher Platform.” This platform is a digital career platform that provides global job opportunities, masterclasses, career assessments, and virtual career fairs worldwide. Higher is inclusive and diverse and has more than 650 school partners in 91 countries. This is a worthwhile platform for students and fresh graduates to improve their personal branding and insight to get their dream job.

Introducing the Highered platform to enhance the career opportunity of students by Ms.Gracia Ongkowijoyo

Introducing the Highered platform to enhance the career opportunity of students by Ms.Gracia Ongkowijoyo

So, during this talk show, NNP invites alumnae of UC 2006, Pauline Kurniani Litular, who is working as a Marketing Engineer at Devinta (Amsterdam, North-Holland, Netherlands). Women from Tomohon are competitive students who can demonstrate their success by studying abroad after graduating from Ciputra in HAN University of Applied Science in 2010. A short history that makes her famous includes three reasons: travel, Instagram feeds, and shopping. But who knows, when it is done by stepping outside of one’s comfort zone, new and exciting opportunities may arise. So, what is the real reason for choosing to move abroad?

Imagine that you are at the end of a canyon that pushes you to jump over it, so you will get to your next destination. This description is the implicit reason why you must encourage your opportunity to get to the next level in your career, “said Devina. She says that if you work abroad, you will get new life experiences, exposure to new cultures, and personal development. Pauline’s choice of Amsterdam as the place to work is because this city is the most diverse in the world, so everyone uses English to speak, making it easier for everybody who becomes a nomad there. Not only that, Amsterdam was the European tech hub, which meant suitable for Pauline’s skills.

So with that, she advises all of Ciputra’s students to prepare the language, improve and get to know everything to earn experience, and also do their homework perfectly. Pauline gives the ex-pat survival kit to have a career abroad. They are problem-solving, adaptability, effective communication, entrepreneurialism, social intelligence, emotional intelligence, transdisciplinarity, being curious and open, and budgeting. At the end of her session, she gives a warning to all that “you don’t move to work, but you move to live.”

This statement is the encloser of the event that continues with the interactive Q&A sessions led by Ms. Gracia as the vice president of NNP. The enthusiasm of this talk show apparently has not lost its essence for students. At the end of the event, Mrs. Suryani gives gratitude with a symbolic handover of the certificate to Pauline. Through this, NNP hopes that all of the students can always be in good spirit when undergoing these learning times at Ciputra University and all about it.

Written by: Kirana Ratu Sekar Kedaton

Edited by: Natasha Valerie

Designed by: Amadeus Mikhael Vito Rangga Dewata