Study Abroad

Experience studying at our partner universities around the world!

The Study Abroad program in Universitas Ciputra Surabaya will take you to 9 destinations of International Universities around the world for the 2020/2021 timeline. This program was supported by best partners of Universitas Ciputra Surabaya and had MOU as it’s legal base. Students are welcome to have introduction and study program classes depending on the program offered and discussed with their Head of Study Program.

This program is available for most School of UC, but you have to look carefully on the subject class in each of the offers. You might need to consult with your Academic Advisor (Dosen PA) before deciding to choose the Study Abroad University.

Many students enjoy this program because of the experience of living and learning with different cultures and countries. Subjects delivered in English and you will receive your transcript with transferable study credits at the end of Study Abroad Program. Those report will have to be submitted to the UC Administrative Office and then to be admitted to your overall Study Plan Transcript.


  1. Subject Class mapping with your former subjects taken
  2. English proficiency 6.0
  3. Valid Passport
  4. Valid Study Visa ( Long term plan)
  5. Recommendation from your Head of Study Program
  6. Letter of Acceptance for your Destination University.

Since you will be living in a different country, you have to plan first for your accommodation and living budget. The more semesters you take will cost more on your living cost in those countries.

Below are table to be review about Living and accommodation cost in abroad.

Study Abroad benefit:

  1. Affordable price for 1 semester study and living abroad
  2. Understanding other country’s learning culture, brought wider knowledge
  3. Adaptivity build your character
  4. Certificate completion from International University enrich your final degree achievement