Meet and Chat IISMA Awardees

Meet and Chat with IISMA Awardees

Photo of IISMA awardees and all the participants who joined the Meet and Chat event (26/02/2022)

Photo of IISMA awardees and all the participants who joined the Meet and Chat event (26/02/2022)


Evelyn M.Tiffany (IISMA Awardee of Sapienza University of Rome)

Cevin Andreas, Valezka Tanjung, and Rizky A. Rinaldy (IISMA Awardee of University of Szeged)

Febiola K, and Verrol (IISMA Awardee of Korea University)

Marcella A (IISMA Awardee of University of Pecs)

To prepare for the upcoming IISMA 2022 registration, UCIC held a session with 2021 UC IISMA Awardees which was exclusive for UC Students who have high interest in the government-funded scholarship. The session includes the awardees sharing their experience, tips and tricks, technical process and also an interactive QnA session. 

Other than the awardees, Ms. Suryani Halim from UC NNP also attended the event to witness the enthusiasm of UC students toward this programme, and of course to answer questions from the students. The 6 awardees took turns to explain and answer questions in detail as they speak from experience about what IISMA is and what it has for these prospective UC students.

The awardees presented about the courses sample

The awardees presented about the courses sample

80 participants from various UC major attended the meeting and they were all very active with their questions in the chat box. The participants were able to personally hear the testimonies of the 2021 awardees; be it about document preparation, interview preparation up to their mental preparation. The awardees were transparent when answering all the questions while keeping proper etiquette to the rules and regulations of IISMA and Kampus Merdeka.

A University of Szeged awardee said that there is no difference or bias regarding which English Proficiency Test we take to fulfill the requirements, but each test do have their own pros and cons. Other awardees also added that they do not have to take proficiency test of the local language of their hosting country as a requirement for this scholarship, but if they are proficient in that language, it would help them a lot to get through their daily life.

QnA time with IISMA awardees

QnA time with IISMA awardees

Awardees of this scholarship do not have to worry about additional cost to study abroad in Top QS World Rank Universities as IISMA will provide their awardees with complete benefits. This scholarship is 100% fully-funded – from the tuition fee up to living cost and health insurance – coming from the government, thus they also have nationwide attention of being highly prestigious resulting to many University students from all over Indonesia aiming for it and making the selection process highly competitive.

On March, IISMA will open their registration for a month and all the awardees and Ms. Suryani have repeatedly reminded the UC students to start working on their documents now and start registering for English Proficiency Test if they have not. 

Last year, UC was able to secure 12 seats in IISMA, this year, everyone in the Meet and Chat event hope to achieve higher and better.

Written by: Michelle Chandra

Edited by: Evelyn M. Tiffany

Designed by: Valencia Wijaya H